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I get you! It wasn't too long ago that I saw that I was needing a healthy transformation for my future.

Especially during these restrictive times.


It starts with your mindset and I am here to inspire great thoughts in you to be successful.  I have been through it and that's why I became a health influencer, wanting to share the freedom of life; free from not understanding why you are gaining!


I wanted to be part of a community where I could do hard things, together with like minded people and be successful!


Fitness is so important and I Love   my peloton. I was diagnosed with torn meniscus and had surgery on my right knee, knowing I need it on my left too. Due to the pain of arthiritis and the tear, I can't walk long. So, my Dr. prescribed a Peloton bike. My husband took me to their store and bought one for my 50th birthday. 

If you are on the scene of Peloton, my leaderboard name is #ittybittyfitti. Hope to see you in there. 

If you would like more information on this bike and decide to buy, share my husband's name LeGrande Byrnes and get a discount!

Whatever exercise you do, it is important to move daily. 

Now is the time to join  me!!

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Fit Wit stands for Fitness Witness. 

My husband is a Physical Therapist and during this time of the pandemic and losing my Dad and Step-Mom to the hospitalization process, I have been depressed and grief stricken into gaining weight.


We have tried all kinds of different nutrition and one thing my husband absolutely loves and wanted to go back to was Shakeology. No joke! When we were on it back in 2019, we didn't get sick one time. Then we stopped and we have been sick every year since. *Disclaimer: This is in no way stating Shakeology keeps you from getting sick.

Be a witness in, not only our success but your very own by checking out these natural supplements that we use. 


It all begins in the mind.

Before you can lose weight, you have to have a plan for your nutrition!




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