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Lil' Bz Rocks


Welcome art lovers! This is Lil' Bz Rocks page on Just Tickled Pink!

Many ask, "how long have you been painting?" and it's a pretty amazing story. 

On March 26, 2018 my son was violently attacked outside the Tilted Kilt where his girlfriend worked. He was jumped from behind and had no clue what hit him. He was beaten unconscious and rushed to the local hospital in Clarksville, TN. His brain injury was so severe they had to life flight him to Vanderbilt in Nashville. I was two hours away in bed, around 1 am when I got the call. I was out the door in 10 minutes and on the long drive to Nashville.

When I arrived no one was allowed in the ER but immediate family because of the violence of the crime. Police had no clue who did it and cameras only showed the feet outside the pub. He was attacked by a man wearing a hoodie. We later found out who it was but no charges were pressed by the Police because we believe he worked for them in stings.  


The doctors couldn't wait for consent from the family to make a decision to operate because according to the surgeon, he was literally within an hour of death and they showed us the brain scan, saying he had approximately 2 inches of blood on the brain. They said he will more than likely not wake up.

Well, as soon as I saw him, with a breathing tube in, and whispered in his ear that I loved him and I was there, he woke up! He had over 50 staples in his head and was diagnosed with a TBI.

I spent 5 days, never leaving the trauma floor. Women from my church drove 2 hours to bring me snacks and clothes from home. 

As I was sleeping on that floor with other families in recliners, I saw a painted rock and told my step-mom about it. She came to see us and gave me a rock with an angel painted on it. I had never seen painted rocks before. I thought it was such a special thing. So, when I went to my Dad and step-mom's home after my son was released, she had paint pens and rocks on her table. That's when it happened.

I sat down and realized that it was great therapy for the emotional turmoil I'd been through. I fought depression & anxiety after this attack and almost losing my son. So, when I got home I went to wal-mart and bought .50 apple barrel paints and two brushes. I had no clue I could draw and paint. Dec 2018 I stopped because of my beauty business but Jan 2021 I tried to come back. It's just so hard after my Dad and Step-Mom's death. 

This painting therapy has allowed me to meet so many of you and hear your stories. So, thank you for being here and for supporting my art. Enjoy!


"Lil' Bz Rocks" is named after my oldest child, Erikk. I chose that nickname because he had the idea that I should bring the art I did to Facebook so others could see. I decided to do a group called Lil' Bz Studio and then a page, Lil' Bz Rocks.

Lil' B was my son's nickname and it was given to him by my Mom because what we were going to name him was pretty much out there, so my mom was calling my tummy lil' bonzo. She shortened it to Lil' B. 

If it wasn't for Erikk, I wouldn't have my rocks on the internet. 



This is my son, Nick, the one who was attacked.

He is now a daddy to Annalise and has an amazing job that allows him to provide for his family. 

Diagnosed with a TBI prohibits him from not being about to join the military to fly Chinooks. His dream, but it didn't stop him from being successful. 


Without my husband and I's faith, we wouldn't have been able to give him the blessing of healing the first day he was there. After anointing him with consecrated oil and praying over him with the laying on of hands, my son was known as a miracle to the Doctors who treated him. He shouldn't have been awake, walking, talking, or being released 5 days later! God has plans for Nick, it is true.



My name is Thea, pronounced Tia, and I am a momma and Nana to three children, two step-children and three granddaughters. 

My hobbies include singing, beauty, getting fit, drawing and painting, reading, and writing.

I am married to a wonderful man, LeGrande, whom I met online at a dating site geared toward my church's members. We met and married three weeks later. Going on 11 years.


Here you will see the latest auctions I have for my rocks.

How does it work?

Comment the name and the price you want to bid for each rock in the comments. Pay attention to the comments of others so you don't get outbid. 

I also, share the highest bid when I go back through it. The one with the highest bid wins. Shipping is to be added to total.



Many see my rocks and want to order.


-hair & skin color

-eye color

-clothes on characters

-size of rock 

-ideas for family characters

-Russian Doll set

-profession of character

The sky is the limit!

I have done many customizations for customers who have shared a loved one's appearance and profession and asked to have that put together. I also have messages put on the back of the rock at request, no extra fee.


How much do my rocks cost?

Prices vary with design.


Depending on:

  • Size of Rock.

  • How many characters.

  • How long it took.

  • If supplies are needed, like the Russian Dolls.

  • Weight of rock for shipping.

  • Special Design.

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