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Thea Byrnes


Hey, hey, heyyyy.


Thank you so much for stopping by my Nail site. It has taken so many trials to get where I am today. I never would have thought that I would be opening up my own Nail Studio but as I look back, all roads led me to where I am today.

The Trial...

In 2017 I opened up my Hair Studio, BeYoutiful Hair Studio. Then in 2020, the pandemic happened and through fear and panic, I didn't open up for business. Instead, I did MLM beauty companies. It was something I didn't have to worry about being around people and getting sick.


Then in 2021, I didn't renew my cosmetology license or my hair studio. My Dad and Step-Mom went into the hospital with Covid and 8 days later we lost our Dad and 11 days later our Step-Mom.  

I recently renewed my license and business license with the State Board of Cosmetology and the city/county I live in. 

My husband came up with the name Nail*d It! Studio and he is so stinking thrilled I am doing this. Everything just fell into place. 


This site was previously "Just Tickled Pink" but now the only thing with that title is my Podcast. I am eventually getting back to who I am from the grief I have been experiencing and let me tell you, I have never endured so much pain. I forgot to take care of myself, letting go of my health and my spark was gone. Didn't go to church, didn't go to the store. I just stayed home, cried, and watched YouTube videos of near-death experiences to see what my Dad could have possibly gone through.

Fast forward to December 2022...

I got a hold of Sharlotte with GB Graphix, link at the bottom of this page in fine print, and told her I needed to revamp this site to reflect my new direction. She loves my paintings and thought it would be cute to add in the big eye girl, which is part of my Lil' Bz Rocks. I absolutely love what she did!

No longer am I with any MLM business.  I worked so hard for 4 years doing Beauty and tutorials. While people loved it, it wasn't a way for me to pay the bills. So, reflecting, I made the decision to reopen my Studio but because of my knees and not being able to stand long, I chose to take advantage of my Nail Technician training and so here you have, Nail*d It! Studio. Thea's Nail Candy.

#mrs. byrnes

I’m Thea Byrnes, a married woman

who has a mackadocious   husband!

 On May 19, 2012 we met on a dating site. 3 days later we met in person and 3 weeks later, June 9th, married!

We are now coming up on our 11th year of marriage and are a blended family of 8 (which includes our little yorkie, Suzie Q).

Marriage, in its truest form, is a partnership of equals, with neither person exercising dominion over the other, but with each encouraging, comforting, and helping the other. It’s hard at times but we help one another endure to the end, together.



A proud momma of 3 and bonus-mom to 2. I have to say, it’s not always easy being a step-mom. Especially when it comes to the differences in raising children. I embrace whatever comes our way, whether it be in the form of chaos or not. Being balanced is always a challenge but I count it all blessings as I grow into a stronger woman.

Oh, I am a Nana/Grandma to 3 beautiful girls & a boy!


The best way to share your faith is to live it. I have searched since I was 26 years old to find the church Christ talked about in the New Testament. I have always been blessed with a child-like faith, yet learned to question everything and research. My faith has helped me endure, conquer and keep hope alive.



With how the pandemic had me closing my Hair Studio in 2021, I reopened my Studio as a Nail Salon. As a licensed Nail Tech and Nail Artist, I have decided to add to my business Luxury Gel Press On Nails. 

We don't know what the future will bring...another lockdown? I wanted to offer this if clients cannot come into my studio or if you just want to order online. 

So, be sure to check out my instagram by clicking the tab right here.. 


Welcome to Just Tickled Pink Podcast. I have built a life on hope and faith. No matter what trials came my way and are still coming, I found ways to cope and survive. While I have not been podcasting, I plan to eventually get back at it.  I will be sharing tangible, direct advice or inspiring interviews with the same intentions. I share these stories and insights of grace and grit to cultivate hope and confidence in others, so they are free to become Just Tickled Pink about life.



Let me tell you a little about me!



-Beaten down self-esteem

-Loss of Parent

-Injured knees


-Carpal Tunnel

-Depression, Anxiety & PTSD

-Overweight & unhealthy

Not my excuses but my reasons to change!

I had every reason to continue in my grief. Thank the Lord my mindset changed. 

Learn more about what changed my mindset and how my nutrition helped me lose over 38 lbs so far! Not selling anything but will help with my tips to get you started. No longer a coach but I am here for you if you need advice.


As a child, I grew up in a blended family that was military. I experienced heartache with teenage love and being in foster care while in Korea. At 18 I married a Soldier and made it work for 21 years. Having 3 children, we loved, laughed, and shared whatever was thrown our way. At age 26,  I renewed my spiritual relationship with Heavenly Father and after 15 years of searching, found the solid foundation I needed to build on. I remarried in 2012 and became, once again, a blended family. All this to say, I am experiencing life in its fullness. Never letting an opportunity to grow, pass me by.  


When we experience trials and tribulations in life, I am a firm believer that we need to share to help others get through the same thing. I am an Adult Sunday School teacher and I started, in January 2023,  a study group for the New Testament for all of 2023. If you are interested, click below...

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