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Are You Resisting?

With all the time we have on our hands, we will find that one thing that stands in our way is resistance.

Resistance is what stands between the life we live and our daily life, to get to that life we want to live. It stands between us and our dreams or who we want to become and what we want to create. Are you a writer that doesn’t write, a painter that doesn’t paint, an entrepreneur that never starts a venture...then you have fallen victim to resistance.

Resistance is to be taken seriously.Millions have been defeated by it, dreams have died because one gave up or never dared to start. It is essential to learn to recognize resistance and learn how to beat it.

Here is a beautiful description of resistance. Resistance is invisible and internal. We might think that it is friends, jobs, pets, or the internet that keeps us from our creative work, but that’s false.

“I’m hungry, I should get coffee. Coffee would help me think but I should write something first then reward myself with coffee. Coffee and a muffin. Ok, so I need to establish the scenes. Maybe banana nut? That’s a good muffin.”

The force of resistance that drives us to engage with these things and procrastinate, comes from ourselves. Resistance is a self generated enemy from within. Resistance is most commonly expressed as procrastination because it is the easiest to rationalize.

“I’ll start but I’ll start tomorrow.“

Of course resistance’s goal is to have us saying this until our deathbed. Other manifestations of resistance can be indulging in alcohol, sex, tv, gossip, and eating fats, sugar, salt and chocolate.

Indulging is not always a manifestation of resistance but if you feel hollow and unfulfilled afterwards it probably was.

Resistance beats us but it doesn't have to.

Resistance expresses itself when you create drama in your life, claim victimhood. When you spend your time criticizing others, when you turn your life into a soap or when you rationalize away why you haven’t started yet? The working artist doesn’t except this kind of self destructive behavior in his life because it prevents him from his work, from his goal.

Yet, resistance can be helpful. Resistance points us to our true calling. It can be felt when we fear starting a creative project. This fear means that it is something that we need to do. Something that we have a deep love for. If you didn’t love a project that’s terrifying you, you wouldn’t feel anything at all.

The more resistance you feel towards the project, the more fulfilled you will be when you finish it. Resistance always points us to our true North.

So, be mindful of resistance in your life. It paralyzes you. I have been the victim of self. Resistance as been my downfall but not anymore. I pick myself up, dust off the dirt and keep pushing forward. Are you ready to push forward to your best life? Reach out to me....

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