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When it comes to your face, we buy what we can afford at the time. I know more than anyone how hard it can be to buy good products for my face. That is why at age 27 I joined my first MLM. Not knowing what a MLM is at the time or that it is what this cosmetic company was, so my my journey in beauty began.

It is great when there are sales on products that are made for the best. A little history in LimeLife by Alcone. This company has been around for 67 years and was originally known as Alcone Company. It was established in NYC and located in Time Square (still is), was only for the theatrical community. Their philosophy has always been the same: find the best products around the world and make them available to all their customers so that everyone can benefit (and look fabulous!).

With that being said, you now know why I am so happy to be with this amazing company. They have makeup foundations by a reputable partnered company, eyeshadow palettes by many different MUA, and so much more. Their products are of the highest quality and the delivery and packaging of them is so professional that you know you are getting your monies worth.

Black Friday is upon us and you can find our great deals on my YouTube channel here. To view my shop, go here.

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