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Wannabe Tickled Pink?

First…this drink is called the Pink Drink from Starbucks. My daughter and granddaughter love it with a pump of vanilla.

Welcome to my blog/podcast and basically, life! One thing that I have always loved to do is write. I’ve been blogging since 2006 when I was Real Estate in Clarksville, TN as the site, “Last Train To Clarksville.” I was actually the first Real Estate blogger in our city at the time. I had a website blog built by Real Estate Tomato and designed by me but put together by them. I then went through their blogging academy, since this was something new to me. It was well worth the cost.

With Just Tinkled Pink, this is my way of fulfilling my purpose in my life, at this time. I have always been a big dreamer, always jumping off the high dive, having no fear to try something else that will touch as many people as possible. I have always had the drive to make a difference and I knew that one day I would do it in a big way. For the past 25 years, I had been in different marketing business’ and while, to some, I might have come across as not knowing what I want in life, I beg to differ. I know exactly what I want in life and where, at one point I was doing one business, my purpose at that time, I am now doing another.

My passion has always been to help people, through my life experiences, and help them get through tough times. At one point I thought about becoming a therapist because people would always come to me, as I would stop and really listen to them. What stopped me? My passion for my children. My purpose at that time was to raise my children in a loving and stable environment. I tried the best I could with what I had. During those years, I ventured in many different MLM companies or what some people would call “Pyramid Schemes,” which happens to be a misused title, as it is illegal in our country. The reason why I ventured in so many different ones was to accomplish a quality I wanted to have; whether it be public speaking (standing up in front of a group and speak about a product line) or skin care (learning how to keep my skin healthy and teach my girls how to do the same) or health care (losing weight and helping others do the same). I didn’t want to be shackled to anything in my life, so I set out to conquer all I could, even though it meant out of pocket expenses and time away from family.

With “Just Tickled Pink” this blog/podcast is about HOPE. I am 47, fixing to turn 48, November 19th, and throughout my life, I have been a yo-yo when it came to my weight, to my mental health and so much more. I have truly felt, at times, that I just went through hell but I survived with others shaking their head, wondering how I am still sane. Being almost 50, in the past 8 years, I have gone through so much with my mental and physical health. I am by no means perfect. I fail all the time but I don’t stay down. I keep going and hopeful am a beacon to someone going through the same thing. But through those pitfalls, I did have a little rope dangling and I saw my way out. I’ve gone from being a size 5 to a size 16 in the past 6 years and recently being diagnosed why it was so hard to stop my weight gain. It took the scales almost saying 200, to realize that I had to find someone who could help me figure out what was going on with this body.

I was losing hope but those scales were a slap in the face for me to get my fingers dialing and making appointments to meet with a doctor to do blood work and find out I had Hypothyroidism. But that is just a part of my journey in what I want to share. So, I hope you will share my site with friends and family who Wannabe Tickled Pink too.

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